Workplace Trends #5 – Collaboration Happens Everywhere

Teknion’s WorkplaceOne: The New Norm by Steve Delfino of the Teknion Corporation looks at the evolution of the workplace and highlights trends that are “currently affecting its process, structure and function.” He identifies—Collaboration Happens Anywhere—as one of the “key trends informing the 21st century workplace.”

Isn’t this why the coffee bar has emerged in many office environments? That is why the lunchroom is bigger and has Wi-Fi now, right? The real shift according to Delfino is a new perspective on allocating office square footage. “Generally speaking, organizations are opting to dedicate more square feet to public spaces vs. dedicated workstations and private offices.” Panel walls lowering, visual access increasing, and more shared spaces or places for employees to be mobile within the office environment start to encourage collaboration, communication and innovation. These design strategies create serendipitous moments not scheduled in Conference Room #4 at 9:00am.

Does your work environment support collaboration anywhere? You may need help bringing down the barriers to collaboration—Schroeder can help you design a workspace that allows for spontaneous and dynamic moments of interaction.