Workplace Trends #4 – Multiple Generations in One Workplace

When discussing multiple generations in the workplace, where do you fit in?

Traditional (1928 – 1945)
Boomers (1946 – 1964)
Generation X (1965 – 1980)
Millennials (1981 – 1991)

Every person has work preferences, but there are some consistencies in these preferences from one generation to the next that are having significant impact on work environments where the four generations are collaborating. Priorities for their workspace, as well as what they find distracting in the office vary. Teknion’s WorkplaceOne presentation highlights how the different generations rate aesthetics, ergonomics, the importance of a corner office, noise levels, dress code and amenities.

While a standardized office plan may have worked in the past, business owners need to realize that workspaces need the flexibility to meet the differing needs and wants of a multi-generational workforce. One size does not fit all anymore. An environment that provides options and choices to address a variety of work needs and styles will promote collaboration and attract talent of all age levels.