Workplace Trends #3 – We’ve Become Corporate Nomads

When you consider the varying generations in the work place, it is no surprise that you may need to provide a variety of opportunities to engage your work force. Research is finding that flexible work options can reduce costs, increase productivity and help reduce employees’ stress.

According to research by Teknion, “mobility” offers an employer:
• Greater productivity: Believe it or not, employers that offer flexible work options see higher productivity. Employees actually work longer hours when they telecommute.

• Higher job satisfaction and retention: Employees can think of plenty of things to do with the time they would otherwise spend on a commute. That translates into quality downtime. People like to feel a sense of control over their schedule and these days the ability to save on gas money is a big perk. In fact, a bad commute can cause people to look for a new job. Give them a reason to stay!

• A boost to recruitment: Just as flexibility impacts retention, it equally can support recruitment efforts. If you were presented two similar job opportunities and one offered a flexible work schedule, which would you choose?

• Reduced overhead: With more people working from home, employers can downsize the corporate office in order to save on both office space and related costs such as utilities.

• Benefits beyond the organization: If you are looking for a way to impact the greater good of the economy and the environment, then you would be surprised as to how reducing the number of commuters can impact the world we live in.

If you are implementing flexibility in your work environment, or considering it, contact Schroeder Solutions. Our design team can help you readdress your office space to best suit your new business model.