Pre-Vaccine Design Solutions 

Schroeder Solutions is working diligently to align and address the changing climate regarding workplace design. As a collaborative effort with our dedicated vendors, we have curated a list of products to optimize workplace design by synchronizing function and comfort. Schroeder Solutions is committed to being a resource for our clients; all of these products were chosen with you in mind.

It is important to note that with the rapid fire of information and new research surfacing, products are being developed at a fast pace. New products are coming out everyday from an array of various manufacturers. As we continue to learn more the list below will continue to grow.

Note that product pricing shown is estimated not including freight, labor and design.



Mobile Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • APPLICATION: Placed at entrance and exits, spread through out the office at high touch locations, break rooms and meeting rooms.


Visitor Navigation- Visual Alerts

  • APPLICATION: Provide visual alerts, way-finding, traffic control; Standing signage communicates guidelines, instructions and protocol.

Flooring Decals 

  • APPLICATION: Provide visual alerts, way-finding, traffic-control and social distancing guidance
signage & wayfinding


Wellness Screens: Sneeze Guards

  • APPLICATIONS: Reception Desks, Open-Plan Offices, Point of Sale Areas, Libraries, and any area requiring quick separation solutions.

*Several mounting options allow for secure installation without damaging existing furniture. In addition to free-standing options.  

Panel Mounted Screens

  • APPLICATION: Screens that can stack on existing or new workstation panel systems. Create temporary or permanent height with various mounting options and materials.

Surface Mounted Screens

  • APPLICATION: Reception Desks, Open-Plan Offices, Benching, Point of Sale Areas, and any area requiring separation solutions.

    *Several mounting options allow for secure installation without damaging existing furniture. 

Space Dividers: Standing Screens

  • APPLICATION: Modular isolated areas in Healthcare settings; Space division in office setting to provide safe distance for infection control, Mobile (clear) glass boards can be used to for visual separation. Traffic control can be managed with standing screen dividers, providing flexibility.

Demount-able Walls

  • APPLICATION: Conference rooms, private offices, focus spaces, etc. Flexible, easy install to create space within a space.
Space Dividers


No Touch Waste Receptacles

  • APPLICATION: Virus prevention recommended by The CDC—promotes proper disposal etiquette, used in virus isolation areas. Minimizing high-touch locations.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

  • APPLICATION: Flexible work station placements to enhance wellness.


  • APPLICATION: Promotes healthy air flow, incorporates nature, and mindful stress relieving qualities.
19 ACC.



  • APPLICATION: At Schroeder Solutions we have the ability to reconfigure existing floor plans, layouts, workstations and more to accommodate the constant changing needs of our workspace, including social distancing guidelines.

Unique Solutions

  • APPLICATION: Tell us what is happening in your workspace, what works and what doesn’t – we have a team of accredited designers to create the best solution to keep your team safe and healthy!


The overall goal is to create a safe space for people to feel comfortable in.  Through the use of visual cues and social distancing products,  you can easily update your work environment to ease the transition back to work. 

Key Elements: Flexibility through modular reconfiguration, traffic control, transparent communication on implemented protocols.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact us!