“In the stacks of boxes are 20,000 masks, 25,000 gloves, and 1,700 gowns that will soon head to people who need it most.”

Last week we had the incredible honor to be a small part of a positive and inspiring moment amidst the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Wisconsin Dental Association, who warehouses all of their Missions Of Mercy supplies at Schroeder Solutions, loaded up the national guard with personal protective equipment.  The supplies will be distributed around Wisconsin to those on the front-line in the healthcare field.   It was incredibly uplifting and encouraging to see such show of support for those on the frontline in the healthcare community keeping us all safe!

Missions of Mercy (MOM) is a program led by the Wisconsin Dental Association. Every year representatives from MOM travel around Wisconsin and donate dental procedures for those that are less fortunate, providing first rate dental care and equipment. Schroeder Solutions provides warehousing and then the delivery and pick up back to storage for them.  It’s been a great partnership for over a decade and has helped thousands of people around our great state.