Love it or hate it, resimercial design is here in a big way. A lot of our clients are embracing this aesthetic by creating an entire office suite of workstations that reflect a more “residential” feel, or by simply incorporating areas that have that familiar, comfortable, kick-back and relax vibe to them.

There are LITERALLY endless products we could share with you to illustrate resimercial design. We will just keep it simple and focus on a few that are popular with our design team and clients. Then, we will inspire you with some fun images of collaborative areas.

Workstation Products

Teknion upStage:

With clean, sophisticated lines and an uber-designy Y-leg, Teknion’s upStage product creates an upscale, resimercial aesthetic.

Some of the elements that we love about this system are the stackable storage solutions – they are both functional (providing space division and storage) and fun to look at (with the ability to easily update the look with color and finish options).

Another thing we love about upStage is its customization and user adaptability. Teknion has built in a myriad of options, including textiles and wood veneer, translucent and back-painted glass, perforated metal and a range of beautiful metal finishes. This allows you to create a techy, edgy space, or a very traditional-looking style. Along with that is user adaptability – from the layout of the furniture to the ability to include mobile options, such as mobile tables, cabinets, cubbies & screens.

While the images above show off upStage’s playful side, below is a real-life example of how it can be designed to be extremely classy and sophisticated.

Teknion Expansion Cityline:

Oh Cityline, how we adore thee! Everyone should have a little Cityline in their space. It is by nature energetic and fun, yet supports productivity and inspires creativity.

Cityline is also a very budget-friendly product. The style is decidedly resimercial and the accessories (including storage trays, boxes and “slim-bins,” and a range of additional tools designed to maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini-whiteboards and other personal items) allow users to create a very personalized workspace.


Making the best use of in-between spaces

Outside of the main workstation and private offices is where you can have even MORE FUN with resimercial design! Below are inspirational images of some of the products & spaces we love.

The “Family Room”

Say good-bye to the time when ‘home’ was your only space to unwind. As work demands continue to increase, there is a greater need for connection and relaxation at work. The call for more hours and heightened productivity, however, doesn’t mean that employees are destined to reside in cubicle farms…wasting away into the vast abyss of gray walls so acutely depicted in the cult classic “Office Space.” As co-worker camaraderie becomes more of an objective, the ‘Family Room,’ a place to connect, work, socialize, and relax has become more of a reality then a pipe dream.

Featured Products: Studio TK: Borough Lounge, Pala Upholstered Chair, Envita Occasional Tables


Featured Products: OFS: Hinchada Modular Lounge, Agile Configurable Power-Perch, Kintra Occasional Table, Boost Mobile Seating

The “Playroom”

Who doesn’t want to take time out of their day to play? We could all use a little time to goof off and laugh at something insignificant to get us through the work day! Providing an unwind space for employees invites candor and relaxation beyond what any memo could suggest. A playroom of sorts lets people be themselves. There are no objectives here. It’s a place to live, a place to be.

Featured Products: Studio TK: B&B Italia AC Lounge

Featured Products: OFS: Riff, Re., Intermix Planter Boxes

Featured Product: BuzziSpace: Buzzi Jungle

Casual Gathering & Dining Space:

Why not wine and dine with your co-workers, partners and clients? There is an increasing need to connect and an innate human desire to feel accepted, even when we like to think we don’t need approval. An informal gathering space can serve this purpose perfectly and can invite casual yet effective conversation. This reinforces the company culture and provides a place for impromptu collaboration.

Featured Products: Studio TK: Beso Chair + Stool, Bevy Pedestal Work Table

Featured Products: JSI: Indie Lounge


The Library:

Knowledge is power, but in today’s world it is impossible to truly know everything. Understanding how and where to access information and find answers to your questions gives you even more power. A library is a space for information gathering and studying; a place to learn and a spot to dream. Providing employees with a breakout area to explore, debate and discuss invites creativity and fosters advancement.

Featured Products: OFS: Riff Table, Tiffany Stools, Mile Marker Storage (and the cutest little fiddle leaf fig tree we ever did see!)

Featured Products: Studio TK: Pala Upholstered Lounge Chair + Ottoman