Featured Projects : Waterford Union High School


In 2018,  Abacus Architects and Schroeder Solutions worked together to envision and design an updated  school library, four classrooms and a maker’s space area for Waterford Union High School in Waterford, Wisconsin. Through open communication and consistent teamwork with everyone involved, were able to provide a completely transformed space yielding energy through subtle design elements,  timelessness,  functionality and practically.

The pre-renovation  library was dark, heavy and cluttered. Through multiple  conversations and meetings , needs were understood, solutions were put in place and efficiency was achieved.  Glass walls were added to divide space and provide a more open feel. Colorful  yet strategically placed carpet tiles  were introduced to indicate zones and define the classrooms. Furniture used caters to different learning styles and placement allows for clear site lines.

The final result was greeted with enthusiasm and the client was so impressed that they brought Schroeder Solutions in  to makeover their  existing guidance office as well.


The Schroeder Solutions team provided:
• Interior Design
• Space Planning
• Furniture Selection and Specification
• Furniture installation

Furniture selections included:
• Flooring: Interface & J+J Flooring Carpeting with Connectrac
• Library: Teknion Custom Bookshelves, Safco Magazine Racks, Teknion DNA, Collaborative Ottomans, Library Tables and Carrel Dividers, Global River Tables, Swap Tables, Popcorn Chairs,
• Classrooms: Zook Tables & Spritz Chairs
• Lounge Furniture: Teknion DNA, Collaborative Ottomans, Global Sirena, Gloal River Harbor
• Smith System Studio Maker’s Table and Rolling Library Carts

“Released from spending all day at our desk, we are able to work in a more flexible, open-ended way and the workplace itself has become more open, eliminating the barriers to movement and interaction” -Teknion


“Three divisions, under one roof, led by one team;
serving each other to exceed our client’s expectations.”


“Three divisions, under one roof, led by one team;
serving each other to exceed our client’s expectations.”