Shari Sandler

Project Coordinator

(262) 207-6399

Shari Sandler joined Schroeder Solutions in 2020 as a Project Coordinator. As part of the account management team, she plays in integral role in the project process by serving as a dependable resource for clients and trustworthy support system for the account managers. Shari’s design education and architectural firm experience also make her a valuable liaison between Schroeder Solutions and the A&D community.

Having spent time in Israel as an English Teacher, Shari has the keen ability of understanding and accommodating a variety of needs, differences and barriers. This skillset supports her ability to successfully nurture and develop client and industry relationships. Her problem solving and relationship building skills make her an asset to the company’s business development efforts.

“I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI by my two loving quirky parents as an only child. This city is my home and I find that every time I leave, it brings me right back in! Outside of work, I am involved in my yoga community, specifically hot yoga- I swear it is the only thing that gets me through winter. Also, I like crafting of all sorts of mediums mainly painting and jewelry making, I like being outdoors and hiking, as well as attending concerts, festivals and trying new bars and restaurants around town! My favorite food hands down is Soup, chicken soup to be specific- over time I have worked to perfect the best chicken soup! As for favorite Sports teams.. Sports.. what is that? No really, I am a big fan for all Wisconsin and Iowa State University (as an Alum) teams, I support my home teams and show up for the tailgate. My true passion is travel, I love seeing the world and discovering new cultures- but when it comes to my favorite vacation spot it would have to be Minocqua, WI for its nostalgic value and beautiful scenery in the summer, ONLY in the summer.”

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” -The Alchemist