Featured Projects : North Lake Elementary School


As a part of a greatly awaited renovation, the North Lake School District granted North Lake Elementary the opportunity to give their library a complete renovation. The staff at the school was ready to create an energizing and engaging space that would inspire their students and reflect their culture.


The Schroeder Solutions team engaged with North Lake early on in the process and spent a lot of time with them, in their space, working to gain an understanding of how each area in the library currently functioned and how they could best use the space moving forward. As the conversations evolved, the Schroeder Solutions team developed a concept that incorporated two of the school’s defining organizations: The Lakers and The Wave, into their plan. Further consideration led the team to take inspiration from the lakes and forests that make Lake Country in Wisconsin so special. The textures, colors and images of nature were brought in to breathe life into the design and make the space extra special to the North Lake Elementary students!

Interface “Net Effect” carpet tile, a vinyl “wave” wall and a nautical chair were added to the reading corner to evoke the feeling of being at the beach. One wall was planked with wood to pull in the elements of an old ship or driftwood. And a lot of time was spent selecting the right colors and fabrics for the space. Together, the North Lake and Schroeder teams selected just the right hue of blue, a sandy beige, greens, oranges and light wood tones as well as a vinyl that reminded everyone of fish scales. Mobile ottomans were used through the space to allow for flexibility along with banquette like seating that created gathering areas to encourage collaboration.

The end result is a playful library that is both energizing and whimsical and reflects North Lakes goal of creating a space that their students would be inspired by!


The Schroeder Solutions team provided:
• Full Interior Design Services
• Flooring Installation
• Assistance with packaging and moving items our for remodel
• Installation of new furnishings

Furniture selections included:
• Circulation Desk, Bookcases and Storage: Teknion Expansion Casegoods
• Tables and Chairs: Smith Systems
• Story Time Area: Teknion DNA, Studio TK Qui Ottomans & Bevy Tables, Interface “Net Effect” carpet tile
• Wood Plank Wall & Wave Decal


“Released from spending all day at our desk, we are able to work in a more flexible, open-ended way and the workplace itself has become more open, eliminating the barriers to movement and interaction” -Teknion