What is a philosophy?

“a theory, attitude, or reality held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.”


What is a design philosophy?

It is our philosophy of design; what we stand for as we approach each project, why we are passionate about it, the end goal we strive for, and ultimately, what the design itself will accomplish.


What we stand for?

Specification of quality product, quality first.

In every project, our goal is to select and specify products that are created with exceptional quality. Knowing that the options of products are endless and overwhelming, our focus for our client is to narrow in on products we know will stand the test of time. We choose to partner with manufacturers who we know create great products and will back them 100%.


Building GREAT relationships; clients, business partners, manufacturer reps.

Through every encounter, our number one goal is to build lasting relationship with our clients or industry partners. Although this is our work, we strive to embrace those we partner with so that each experience builds better relationships.


Putting the vision of the client first.

As a designer, it is our first nature to have a vision for the space, but as we approach each new project, our primary concern is making the vision of the client come to life, regardless of how simple or abstract that may be. It’s your vision; let us help you embrace it!


Not one, but many.

As we approach each design challenge, teamwork is our greatest strength. We know that every person brings great value to a project, and we embrace that. Our projects are often touched by many on our team because we want to look at it from every angle.

Function and efficiency, while maintaining great design.

As designers, we are always trying to develop GREAT design, but we understand that great design also needs to have functionality. As we create, we look at how everything works as a whole so that both design and functionality work in harmony.


What makes design a reality for us/Why are we passionate about design?

Seeing ahead, and seeing what can be.

We believe that we have the ability to see ahead and truly visualize what the project could be. Being able to use these skills and apply them to projects is what makes us passionate about our work!


Seeing the end result and pleasing the client.

Our main goal is to create environment that are satisfying to our clients. If we are able to build relationships, create exciting design, see projects all the way through the end, and bring something to our client that they are happy with, that is the ultimate success story.


Shaping spaces and creating function.

We love to see spaces change right before our eyes. Creating great design and functional spaces is our passion!


People spend 90% of their time in built environments, and we are able to influence that environment.

We believe that, in today’s world, people spend a LOT of time in built environments, and we get to have an influence on that! We love creating spaces that can have a direct impact on people, or even better, how they are impacted by that environment.


Capitalizing on an innate passion to create.

We are designers! We love to create. Being able to express our innate creative nature through our work is what inspires us.


Design should be experienced, not just seen.

Design is something that is just supposed to look great, right? Yes and no. We like to take it one step further. We try to create an experience with each one of our designs. We believe that a space should be both visually appealing and also tell a story. We are passionate about making each environment an experience through our design.


What do we strive for in our design?

Exceed expectations of the client.

We don’t like to just stop at what is asked of us, but instead provide vision from every angle. We want to be 100% sure that our clients can fully understand everything we are presenting in our design. We do our best to go above and beyond so that our clients can see the whole picture, from every angle. Through this, we hope to exceed expectations from beginning to end.


Ultimately creating something that is pleasing to the client.

Our number one goal is to create a space that is pleasing to our client. This is your space, and it should be exactly how you want it to be. As designers, we will be your design expert in making the best suggestions for your space, so that you will love the end result!


Staying educated.

We know that the world of design evolves very quickly. We place staying educated in our ever-changing design world high on our priority list. We want to make sure that we are always giving our clients design that is both contemporary and stunning, as well as timeless and lasting.


Creating functionality, flexibility, efficient, quality design.

As we approach every project, we strive to always create functional environments, efficient layouts, and quality design. We want to see past the design as it stands now, but also consider how the environment might change in the future, as to provide flexibility throughout the years.


Unique design.

Ultimately, we strive to create something special. Combining quality design, functionality, and creativity, we want to create something that is unique to you. We want to create environments that are set apart.