Schroeder Solutions recently made the switch to a new software system—IQ. To get a better understanding of how this new software impacts not only the company, but our clients as well, I asked a few members from our leadership team for their input.

In terms of affecting our clients, Scott Gierhahn, our President and CEO, commented on how efficient the new system is. One feature he mentioned about IQ was that the software interfaces with our interior designer’s software, which makes generating proposals quicker and easier that our previous system.  This will ultimately result in more free time for our sales team to work more closely with clients.

Amanda Stein, VP of Support Services added “Our company is always focused on continuous improvement – specifically in regard to the level of customer service for our clients.   IQ provides a centralized location for all of our data, allowing our staff to move seamlessly through the process and give better visibility to any stumbling blocks along the way.  Our goal is to use this software to become more and more proactive and intuitive for our clients and their needs.”

Aside from the efficiency of IQ, there are also other benefits that help our staff. Tyler Smith, our VP of Operations added that “the system also allows for our leadership team to make better business decisions on a daily basis.  The data that is at our fingertips with a couple clicks of a button has made a huge difference is our ability to dig deeper into certain aspects of the business and improve our process.”

So with the entire office being trained and transitioned on to IQ, Schroeder Solutions is ready to bring better service to our clients, a more timely response, and more detailed and concise proposals.