Definitive. Diverse. Dynamic.

Introducing the Expansion Cityline by Teknion!

The Expansion Cityline product was designed to reflect a modern city’s diverse urban landscape with a variety of public and private workspaces.  This collaborative desking line evokes a sense of community and connectivity and can easily be used as a tool to enhance the work culture.  With an excellent price point and an on-trend aethsetic, Cityline has quickly become a go-to product for our design team.

Our interior designer, Matthew Rosenquist, NCIDQ has enjoyed planning with Cityline in his projects.  “My favorite part about this product is that it allows the maximum amount of customization and flexibility – users are able to personalize their individual workstations to meet their needs.  In addition to that, it is a super cool looking product that fits into just about any work environment and budget.”

Not only does the product offer a wide range accessories and screens that allow for more customization, but it is also has a unique way to enhance connectivity. With the specific beam infrastructure, power sources can run through different work and social zones allowing for employees to simply plug in directly to the beam.

“[Expansion Cityline] can meet all of our client’s needs, both in function and aesthetic!” Rosenquist also added.

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