“The designer’s task within our own showroom and within clients’ spaces is to mediate the balance between people and objects, poetry and logic, technology and nature.”

Eric Chan’s

This year at Neocon, Teknion did things a little differently.  And we LOVED it.  (But we’re not biased at all;)

Every year at Neocon we make a point to visit our competitors’ showrooms to understand what we’re up against, and generally the feeling is that all of the showrooms (including Teknion) have a few stand-out items, but overall the products, layout and theme are very similar.

Not this year! This year, we truly felt Teknion stood a cut above the rest for the following reasons:

  • More functional for real life applications
  • Superior flexibility and adaptability with a variety of products shown in multiple ways
  • Emphasis on user empowerment – showing the choice a user has within their workspace
  • Unique display of three distinct business settings

Below is a quick synopsis of the three business settings:

Fast & Free

  • Energetic and casual
  • Vibrant and playful color palette
  • User adjustability/choice
  • Active/Collaborative in all areas
  • All open


Mature Startup

  • More focused work spaces compared to Fast & Free
  • Sophisticated and light color palette
  • Alternative locations for head’s down work and collaboration
  • Casual feel for the touchdown areas and conference rooms
  • Private Offices also used as multipurpose rooms


Risky Formal

  • More conventional workplace – while appealing to newer workstyles
  • Luxurious and reserved color palette
  • Choices in formality, posture, and function throughout
  • Demonstrates new values for offices
  • Areas for recharging/or quiet concentrated work


Our design team is eager to put these examples to use in real life workspaces. They are passionate about using the latest products to fulfill their clients’ visions and (of course) budgets.