Market Focus: Senior Living

According to research shared by, approximately 47 million seniors live in the United States and that population will soon double. From real estate, financial and healthcare implications to the marketability of senior housing to the Boomer demographic, senior living is a greatly debated and contemplated topic.


Our Logistics Team has been supporting senior living providers and project teams on new construction and renovation projects across the country, as well as two provinces in Canada, and our design team had the pleasure of working with Wisconsin-based BrightStar Care this past year, so we have senior living on our minds.



We asked a few of the senior living experts in our network what 2019 looks like from their industry perspective.


“I see a couple of trends influencing the senior living communities of tomorrow. First of all, smart home features and smart living have started to, and will continue to, dictate tech amenities and design elements. We are also seeing an intergenerational approach influencing the care model as well as community living. Stylistically the traditional nursing home feel is evolving to an aesthetic that resembles a boutique hotel. Interiors are starting to reflect the eclectic community and diverse makeup of the surrounding areas they are located in. Other design elements that are becoming more common are lighter wood tones, metallic finishes and large-scale graphics as well as a continued focus on jewel tones. All of these trends are creating rich and vibrant environments for seniors of all ages.” 


Interior Design Consultant

Aga Artka Interior Design LLC


“While AG Architecture is based in Wisconsin, we have the privilege of working with senior living communities across the country. From Washington and Colorado to Illinois and Wisconsin to New Hampshire and Florida, providers are investing in renovations, additions, repositionings and new construction. Elevating the lifestyle of their current and potential residents is definitely a priority. We are seeing many of our clients invest in enhanced amenity spaces. We are currently conducting a survey to find out what amenities are really of interest to seniors, their definition of Living in Style. We have also explored trends in unit design and new villa/cottage concepts. The design of individual living spaces will continue to be key to the marketability of communities. This is an exciting time in the industry as we evolve the senior living model to entice a new generation of residents.”

Eric Harrmann

Senior Associate

AG Architecture


“I’m excited to see color come back into play in senior living design. For the last few years, we have seen a lot of requests for ‘modern farmhouse’ designs that skew towards neutrals and muted tones. Having bright, vibrant colors not only help keep residents in good spirits, but also support wayfinding. Finish palettes with a higher level of contrast offer stronger visual acuity between surfaces allowing seniors to safely navigate spaces with greater ease.”

Amanda Nowak

Founder & Lead Designer

The Simple Home