In June, we collaborated with interior designers across the Midwest to discuss what changes we might see in design. Due to the pandemic, we discussed the way it has shaped our adapted life-style, changing economy, and how we thought it would affect different market sectors, as well emerging themes across the board. Our main interest was to discover together what shifts we might see in design and how we as designers can be prepared to address those changes in our design solutions.

Following that discussion, we published a shareable document that briefly summarized our conversation. We called it, “WHAT’S NEXT?: Design After COVID-19”. See the blog link here to read more about these findings.

On December 3rd, we continued this conversation and opened it up via a discussion-based webinar, inviting an audience to participate. We took a deeper dive into these design topics, based on how we see design needing to adapt currently, and also how it has already evolved to address the pandemic. Our panelists respond to the affect on each market sector, what we foresee and have seen, as well as answer questions from the audience.

Please enjoy this webinar as we learn together how to tackle our newest and biggest design challenge of this century.

PARTCIPATING PANELISTS: Michelle Kempen (Kahler Slater), Matthew Rosenquist (Schroeder Solutions), Aga Artka (Independent), Catherine Richardson (Global Furniture Group), Libby Castro (Workshop Architects), Ariel Steuer (The Kubala Washatko Architects), Cailey Sanchez (Schroeder Solutions), and Wendy Redeker (The Greenheck Group)