Creating a Company Culture: Workplace Mobility

When it comes to work flexibility, technology has created the opportunity for team members to be mobile and still get their work done. This freedom within the workplace is continuously debated at both the local and national level. And the conversation impacts the future of Corporate America. Where do you stand on the issue? Are you part of a Workplace of the Future?

Consider these facts & figures presented by the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Attitudes toward flexible workingFlexibility PollThe Positive & Negatives

Marissa Mayer, chief executive office of Yahoo!, put a stop to telecommuting. Was this a smart strategic business decision or a big mistake? See what Milwaukee-area human resource and employment experts think about this workplace altering decision.

When it comes to mobility, Citrix is “the cloud computing company that enables mobile work styles – empowering people to work and collaborate from anywhere.” They think we can learn a lot about mobility from Star Trek and offer a survey to help you analyze your company:

What Star Trek Can Teach us About Enterprise Mobility

Workplace of the Future Benchmarking Survey

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