Creating a Company Culture: Do More with Less – and Making it Work!

As a business owner or manager, you are constantly thinking about how your employees can best serve your clients. Due to the downturn in the economy, you may have also asked your employees to do more with less while maintaining a high level of service. Employees have tried to create a stable environment for themselves by taking on responsibilities outside of their specific job descriptions. They are being cross-trained to help the company accomplish more, while also making themselves more valuable to the organization. Based on concepts we have implemented at local companies over the past year, here are a few ideas to help you do more with less in your work environment in order to maximize employee productivity and effectiveness.

The common theme for everyone in business is to manage the level of service we provide in order to earn and then exceed our clients’ expectations. A lot of businesses would agree that a seamless internal communication process is one challenge that prevents them from increasing the level of service to their clients. With a variety of departments and a diverse group of employees, how we communicate with each other greatly impacts the timeframe and quality of the information we are processing. Furthermore, coordinating communication between an office and field staff can add another level of complication and more miscommunication. And lastly, functioning as a global organization with 24/7 access puts even more pressure on a company.

In order to improve the flow of communication and support your employees, consider teaming spaces that better facilitate the exchange of information in a timely manner and make it easy to share the details of a client project. To increase productivity and promote open dialogue, many companies are creating open, collaborative workspaces where communication is done immediately versus waiting for a team meeting. Account managers, sales coordinators, project managers, etc… each have specific responsibilities and tasks to accomplish for the good of the client. By locating these team members in an office space with low panels and common work surfaces, they can address concerns on the spot and keep clients happy. (Examples Below)

By working with the Schroeder Solutions team, you can discuss communication patterns, team dynamics, and other process issues that impact client service. Our design team will develop a program and space plan to best suit your work environment. We will review your existing furniture and consult with our vendor partners, like Global and Teknion, in order to reorganize your current office and, if necessary, select new products that create an open and collaborative work environment and support this new level of efficiency and productivity.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an open and collaborative work environment for your company, please Contact Us for a free evaluation on how we might be able to help your business become more productive.