Creating a Company Culture: “Cool” Workplaces

When you think about going to your work environment, do the words “cool” and “fun” come to mind? Some business owners may think creating a “cool” workplace is counter-productive — If everyone is having fun all the time, when will the work get done? But think about it…why can’t work be fun? While not every part of a job is going to be enjoyable, you can make the most of the time your employees have to spend in the office and provide an environment that is energetic and stimulating. As companies look to attract and retain employees, these “fun” and “cool” factors may make all the difference in building a talented team.

Companies like Facebook and Google are often in the news because of their unique office environments, fun perks and interesting amenities. Free meals and snacks, massage rooms, game rooms, pet privileges, and even an indoor slide making it fun to go from floor to floor are just a few of the things that make such corporate environments “cool.” See for yourself what some of these companies have implemented to add a little fun to the daily grind.

While the companies highlighted are tech companies, that doesn’t mean this is the only business sector allowed to think out-of-the-box. Should we leave all the fun to the tech world?

Besides being tech companies, the other element these businesses have in common is a team full of Gen Y talent. The younger, up-and-coming workforce, wants to live first, work second – but that doesn’t mean they won’t work as hard or as long as the other generations. They just want where they live, work and play to be fun. Read what our friend and partner Aleta Norris – of Impact Consulting Group and Gen Y guru – has to say about Gen Y.

So, are you ready to add a little fun into your workspace? As a business owner or team leader, how do you make your office environment cool? Call Schroeder Solutions! From our design team to our field crew, we can help you brainstorm and implement ideas that will infuse your corporate interior with fun elements that add to your cool quotient.