Day in and day out our team works hard to create work environments that our clients love and that help shape their company culture. This spring we had the opportunity to get a dose of our own medicine as we embarked on a showroom remodel of our own!

While we are still in the midst of the process, we are excited to show off our favorite area thus far:

“The Great Room”

As we started dreaming about our office remodel, one thing was clear – we wanted to create a space where we could gather. Whether as a team or with our clients, vendors and partners, we wanted a space to relax, collaborate and simply enjoy each other’s company.

We pictured “happy hours” on Friday, a more welcoming space for presentations, and touch down spots that we could use to get a change of scenery.

This space has delivered on all of that, plus so much more!

The presentation space, which used to be an overcrowded design library, now feels more open and inviting.  There is more room for guests, plenty of space to set up treats and drinks, and ample natural light to make it a great place to review finishes & plans with our clients.

An existing private office that took up valuable window real estate, was transformed into a multipurpose collaboration area. Teknion Fractals are situated along the once-closed off window for a comfy place to do head’s-down work or hold a small meeting. Tall pub-style tables provide a place for our employees to gather for lunch or a quick huddle meeting.

On the other end of the space is our “Mad Men” corner – featuring Global Vitrola & Corby – two products with a lovely mid-century modern vibe that we fell in love with at Neocon in 2017!  The space feels and looks like a living room.

As with most interiors projects, we were limited by budget and timeline. Just like we do for our clients, we rallied together as a team to make this area the best it could be with the available resources.

We look forward to watching the evolution of this space and how it enhances our company culture.