Creating a Company Culture: Incorporating Wellness into Your Office Space

The following tips were shared in a recent BizTimes blog post by Scott Gierhahn

Consider the following factors when looking for ways to incorporate wellness into your office space:

Natural light – Creating connections to the outdoors and penetrating workspaces with natural light impacts the mood and productivity of employees.

Proper lighting – In addition to natural light, office environments need to provide a variety of light levels to support different work functions. The proper light levels prevent employees from straining their eyes, which supports comfort, productivity and efficient work functions.

Workout area/workout classes – Providing access or opportunities for physical exercise (whether at the office or in collaboration with a local fitness center) sets an example for your team and demonstrates your commitment to wellness. It communicates that you care about the well-being of your employees.

Bike trails or hiking paths close by – Some companies choose their location based on wellness amenities such as bike trails and hiking paths. This provides opportunities for exercise as well as access to the outdoors, both benefitting employee health.

Healthy food/snacks available – While coffee carafes and soda machines have been a staple in office environments for years, healthy food options are gaining momentum. The bagels, donuts, cookies and other treats may be hard to resist, but more and more people are craving healthy food alternatives. Stocking the office kitchen or break area with a supply of healthy snacks makes a statement, provides a choice and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

High quality water – How easy is it to forget to drink water? While coffee and soda offer flavor and caffeine, water keeps the body hydrated. Provide a quality water option, so employees can refuel properly.

Pleasant colors – Environmental factors impact mood and productivity. Selecting the right color combinations for specific work areas can make all the difference. There is a psychology behind color selections. See how color can impact your team.

Pleasant scent – Aromas are selected and branded for retail and hospitality environments all of the time. The right scent can influence purchasing habits and evoke feelings. Think about a scent that can improve your work environment.

Full service kitchen – Sometimes people just want to make their own lunch or snack. By providing a full service kitchen you are not limiting your employees to eating out, microwaveable meals or other unhealthy alternatives. Providing options and a sense of control supports your team.

Good temperature control – He is too hot; she is too cold. One side of the building is a sauna, while the other side requires people to bring in a space heater. Creating an office environment with the proper temperature control makes it a happier, healthier place to be.

Natural plants – Remember a connection to nature makes the work environment a better place. Real plants provide that connection and support air quality.

Artwork – The right art selections can inspire and put a smile on someone’s face. Art can also create opportunities for conversation and socialization. Happy workers are healthier workers, so try adding a little art into their lives.

Adjustable/Ergonomic office furniture – Remember, this conversation began with the negative impact of sitting on the health of today’s office worker. A variety of furniture options, both desking and seating products, address the diverse ergonomic needs of your workforce. Different body types and sizes as well as providing the flexibility to sit or stand while you work can be addressed with the right furniture selections.

So many options to think about! But there is only one choice to make for the future of your organization – join our movement by choosing ways to Work Well. Contact us at 262.207.6399 for a free healthy work environment assessment.