Teknion & Schroeder Solutions are teaming up to bring you…

Collaboration & Conversation

We’ll bring some of our most popular lounge furniture to YOU and show you how you can transform the “in-between spaces in your workplace into a place to gather, collaborate & learn.


We’ll arrive just before your desired time slot to install an example vignette of popular “in-between” space products! During the hour, people are free to stop over for a treat as well as try out some of the furniture!


Pick a date or two that works for you! We’ll follow up to schedule a time to come in!


9am – 10am: Coffee & Collaborate

12pm – 1pm: Lunch & Lounge

3pm – 4pm: Happy Hour & Hang




    Collaboration is the key to success!

    Over the past 10 years office furniture has evolved at a rapid pace. As with technological advances, office furniture, and workstations in particular strive to pack a big punch into a small package. This has allowed more space for alternative work and collaboration areas within the office. Employees get the best of both worlds – a “home base” in their work area, as well as options for where and how they work within the office space.

    Collaborative areas can also help with team building and camaraderie – ala the “coffee shop” mentality. From different departments working side by side, to opportunities for more casual conversations and enjoying a happy hour or celebration together, collaborative space has many benefits!

    This is where we come in! We want to visit and show you some of the most popular products and arrangements we’re seeing in workplaces! These “in-between” spaces create a space for employees to meet outside of the traditional meeting spaces such as conference rooms and private offices.