Buzzword: Collaboration – Planned Collisions

Isn’t it exciting when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in awhile? You quickly reminisce, catch up and engage enthusiastically for the few minutes that you have. Or what about just bumping into your best friend unexpectedly? You can ask him that question now instead of calling, texting, or emailing later. Exciting things happen when people collide, so why not plan possibilities for collisions into your work environment?

Planned collisions are design strategies that support collaboration in work environments. This goes beyond your morning coffee, a minute at the “water cooler” or your lunch break. Planning circulation paths and spaces that “force” people to collide throughout the day creates multiple opportunities for informal collaboration. This allows people from different disciplines to connect despite the location of their office. These collisions can lead to inspiring moments of innovation or simply a stronger sense of community within the corporation.

Planned Collisions

Does your workplace encourage collaboration?

  • Do all meetings get booked in meeting rooms?
  • If you stood up in your office could you see more than 4 people?
  • Do you talk to the people around you? Or are they hidden all day behind their panel walls?
  • Are there more places to have a lunch and coffee than your office and the cafeteria?
  • Are there any spaces in your workplace to leave a thought behind?
  • How close are you to a quick, impromptu meeting space?

When it comes to successful planning collaborative spaces into your work environment consider the following:

  • Find a balance
  • Make it visible
  • Set off sparks
  • Plan collisions
  • Meet quick
  • Efficient use of space
  • Promote sharing
  • Flexibility is key
  • Create a buzz
  • Invite them
  • Address virtual distance
  • Know thyself

Remember – Exciting things happen when people collide! If you need help planning for collaboration contact Schroeder Solutions