Buzzword: Collaboration – Why Collaborate

Why collaborate?
In this illustration, the several lightly connected figures form the profile of a single head. Again, the image clarifies the nature of collaboration, a kind of interaction that “amplifies” ideas by connecting “interested individuals” who bring a “separate breadth and depth of knowledge” to a problem, ultimately yielding a solution no one person could reach alone. No matter how intelligent or creative one may be, an individual’s reservoir of knowledge, as well as any one person’s way of thinking, of looking at the world, of approaching a problem, has inherent limits. – taken from “CoCreate” by Teknion

Whether you work on a team within your office or contact a friend or professional colleague to bounce an idea off of, you collaborate. Recognizing the benefits of this process and creating more opportunities for collaboration will only strengthen the impact of these efforts on your company. Office spaces that are designed to provide both formal and informal connections between employees create moments for sharing. Likewise, Internet access, participation in various forms of social media, and networking opportunities increase chances for interactions with professionals and valuable information. The more connections you make the more collaboration that occurs… and that is where inspiration lies and the best solutions emerge.