FF&E Logistics Services
Our Philosophy
See It. Own It. Solve It.

When we identify an issue or an opportunity, we dig into the details and take ownership of the situation. We ask questions and do what it takes to take advantage of the opportunity, resolve the issue or successfully address the challenge.

At Schroeder Solutions we have a dedicated team of skilled professionals, a customized software program and connections to partners nationwide to help you manage every step of your project.

The Team
When tackling projects across the country, success depends on a combination of consistent leadership, effective tools and a network of reliable local resources – a team who can handle the logistics.

Logistic Coordinator
Your Logistics Coordinator is your main contact, the person handling the details of project from start to finish. Your coordinator carries out the day-to-day activities of your project and is in charge of warehouse management in the specific region where your project is located.

Logistics Supervisor
Solid partnerships keep projects running smoothly. The Logistics Supervisor nurtures relationships with our national warehouse partners to insure smooth operations throughout your project no matter the location. The supervisor monitors the profit and loss on jobs to support your efficient business operations.

On-Site Project Manager
We understand that the delivery and installation is the most critical part of your project. Our project managers are dedicated to making sure the end user is well taken care of during the project. He works closely with the local warehouse and manages the crew to ensure a successful installation.

Logistics Account Manager
A growing network expands our reach and supports your business growth. The Logistics Account Manager nurtures our existing client and warehouse partner relationships while looking for new growth opportunities. Building our network of resources allows us to further support your organization.

VP of Operations
We believe good service starts with our leadership team. Our VP of Operations is continuously evaluating our customized software to address system enhancements. He meets with clients to get them up and running on the system, addresses operational issues and trains team members on best practices.

Our Logistics Team provides your company with the products, services and coordination necessary to achieve your business goals and complete a successful project anywhere in the country. We are committed to making the warehousing, tracking and installation of your products as efficient as possible.

The Tools
The right tools support project management success, and we take that success seriously. Based on our experience with nationwide installations, we have created a customized software program to make the project process as efficient as possible.

Project Management Software
CURA is a software system/portal created by Schroeder Solutions to help seamlessly coordinate and communicate the details of your projects. We work with you to customize the system to meet your project needs and organizational standards. This tool helps to streamline the process and make your job easier.

Benefits of CURA
This portal gives you the ability to track job progress in real time from start to finish -- from the time you design your project through warehousing, delivery, installation and punch lists.

  • Forecast project work
  • Maintain FF&E standards (set standards and mandate specs)
  • Manage quotes
  • Award project work
  • Manage work flow
  • View product recieved for multiple projects in real time
  • Easily sort through project orders
  • View notes, attachments and pictures as well as the status of each order
  • Track order changes and revisions
  • Real time status updates
  • Check manufacturer delays
  • Streamline scheduling
  • Track punch list progress
  • Monitor project completion
  • Confirm invoice status
CURA: latin for management and having care or concern.

The Network
By combining our on-site project management services with our trusted network of labor partners, we are able to successfully coordinate logistics projects across the country.

Based on our relationship with over-200 carefully selected warehouses, we can serve companies all over the world. These partnerships give us instant contact with other industry experts who abide to a high level of standards.  We also work with other local service providers (such as wood repair, artwork installation) as needed or requested.

Our extensive network and established relationships also help us maintain costs. We work with our contacts across the country to provide competitive rates along with their excellent service.  Additionally, we invest our own dollars into the necessary training to keep our On-Site Project Managers up-to-speed on the intricacies of our out-of-state projects.

  • 10+years working with significant care providers
  • 10+years working with our trained partners
  • CURA software was created to support the operational efficiency of senior living projects
  • We understand the work challenges faced by Executive Directors
  • We keep the best interest of your residents a priority at all times
  • We're capabable of handling:
    • FF&E
    • Artwork
    • Signage
    • Window Treatment
“Thanks Joe, you’re the best. Working with your competition makes me value Schroeder Solutions and how you handle our account even more. Keep up the good work.”
-Interior Design Project Lead at Brookdale