Facilities Maintenance

In an effort to help companies make needed improvements while keeping a close eye on their budgets, Schroeder Solutions is offering an option for affordable solutions. Whether touching up a few scratched desks, cleaning panels, or reconfiguring existing stations to create a new layout, Schroeder has solutions at every price point to keep your office looking top notch! Our facilities maintenance program can provide a "like new" office space for pennies on the dollar. Not only does this pro gram consider tight budgets, it is environmentally friendly, too. Save money, get new life out of your existing furniture and prevent waste from piling up in a land fill.
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Space planning and design:
Maximizing space can save you money! Schroeder Solutions’ professional staff of interior designers can put more people into less space, reuse your current inventory of furnishings, help you invest less into real estate, make better use of your current space, and create an interior that has more employee amenities.
Upholstery cleaning:
Our skilled furniture technicians can extend the life of your furniture simply by cleaning your upholstery and panels. We use a top-of-the-line cleaning machine called the CFR, which provides Continuous Flow Technology. Not only will your furniture have a fresh, rejuvenated look, but your indoor air quality will improve as well.
Wood repair and touch up:
Schroeder Solutions has a team of skilled craftsmen that can bring wood doors, desks, conference tables, chair rails, crown molding, and chairs back to life.. If it's worn out of damaged, don't let it just sit and collect dust, let Schroeder Solutions refinish, replace and rebuild your furniture.
Panel and chair reupholstery/refurbishing:
Instead of over-extending your budget to purchase new furniture or putting a project on hold due to insufficient funds, you can apply new fabrics to your panel system and furnishings. Schroeder Solutions’ re-upholstery services can provide your office interior with a whole new look for half the cost.
Carpet replacement:
Nothing improves the appearance of an office better than new carpet! But the hassle of packing up your belongings and moving all of your furniture may seem too time consuming and tedious. Schroeder Solutions has a hassle-free approach - No packing, no moving furniture, and no disruptions to your employees’ day-to-day activities.
Inventory and record storage:
When it comes to filing, Schroeder Solutions knows how to keep your business organized. You reduce your office real estate while Schroeder Solutions uses its manpower and warehouse space to make sure your confidential files are properly managed and protected.