Office and Industrial Moving
Few people look forward to moving day - especially when it comes to moving
your office!

But Schroeder Solutions' experts know how to take the headache out of this tedious process. As a partner of the awarding winning Schroeder Moving Systems (United Van Lines) and Total Relocation Services (Mayflower), we offer total relocation management for local, state and nationwide business owners.

To ensure a successful move, we start at the end – the move-in date – and work backwards from there. We work with you to set a timeline that is manageable and will guarantee on-time completion of your relocation.

Schroeder Solutions is not your typical mover in the marketplace; we are solely a commercial relocation company and therefore do not have the strain of household demands on our labor. This allows us to have a much more balanced work flow and means we provide only fresh, experienced commercial moving professionals for your project. We have an outstanding team in place and a proven track record of highly successful projects.

You can rest assured that your building and belongings will be well protected and that extra care is taken to ensure a clean, damage-free job site throughout your project. In addition, we have invested in top of the line equipment – from our crates and carts to our trucks and tools.
Relocation Equipment    Roll over the links below to find out more about our relocation equipment
Book Carts are basically "bookshelves on wheels". They are used to move books, binders and files. After they are loaded, and prior to transport, they are shrink-wrapped to prevent the contents from spilling out.
Moving Crates are stackable plastic boxes. They come in two sizes: a smaller size--used to move desktop items and pedestal contents such as files, letters and drawer contents--and larger crates--used to transport computers, monitors, CPUs and other computer peripherals. Moving crates can be sealed for moving files that need to be secured.
Speed Packs are large cardboard boxes that ride on 4 wheelers. Large printers, fax machines and other miscellaneous items that are too large to be packed in a moving crate or on the shelf of a book cart are pad-wrapped and placed in speed packs for transport. We also use speed packs that are specifically designed for the movement of hanging wall art. These have an insert that keeps the pictures separated to prevent rubbing and other damage.
4 Wheelers are used to move large furniture items such as desks, credenzas, and file cabinets.
Pipe Carts are 4-wheeled carts with removable "U" shaped pipe sides. These are used to transport long board-type items, i.e. marker boards; cork board panels or pole-type items.
Trucks, 24'-26' ft straight trucks with lift gates and walk boards, are used for all of our relocation projects. This specific size truck offers maneuverability and ease of loading and off loading. In addition, we believe it lowers the risk of your organization's property being damaged during transportation.