Architectural Products
Your business requires a work environment that can adapt to meet your ever‐changing needs. With the right architectural products your company's building can be flexible and adaptable. Schroeder Solutions has a list of dependable products that will support your business needs.

We offer a variety of products that help create a quickly adaptable interior for your facility. Modular floors, walls and cabinetry make change easier with little or no down time, and all of these products come with the added benefits of significant tax advantages.


Movable Walls: By using a flexible alternative to drywall construction, you get  office walls that are considered and installed as furniture.  This makes them  movable, interchangeable, and reusable.
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Modular Cabinetry: This product allows you to reconfigure casework as needed, making it movable, interchangeable, and a better long-term investment.
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Floor Covering: Modular carpet tiles offer a cost effective alternative to traditional 12‐foot wide broadloom goods. Carpet tiles give you the flexibility to explore a variety of creative designs. By installing carpet tile with the Levitate Lift installation system, carpet change-out can occur with little or no disruption to a facility.
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Acoustical Solutions: Sound masking provides a cost effective solution to one of  today’s major business concerns –conversational distraction.  Installing white  noise units in your ceiling tiles and placing sound absorbing products in your  facility can increase speech privacy by 50%.